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Please, note that orders of buses should be planned ahead because it allows to organize the transport optimally.



We have our own range of such comfortable buses as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Isuzu, Volkswagen. You can order a bus for one day or for long trips in any season, any weather and at any distance.


Transport Company «Transmarine» has all possible opportunities to organize the travel routes of any range and complexity in comfortable buses. Passenger safety on the road is provided by high qualification of our drivers, regularly pass certification aptitude. All our drivers have extensive experience, know perfectly Kiev and the main tourist routes and are able to work with people. Before trip, the drivers need to pass medical examination. If the trip lasts more than one day, then two drivers work in shifts, the customer pays for the driver’s accommodation in the hotel and two meals per day. Our buses are equipped with electronic motion control systems and ergonomic chairs, modern design with safety belts. Passenger comfort provides air conditioning systems, heating and ventilation. Buses are equipped with video and audio systems, toilets, kitchen and luggage compartment. As an additional service, we provide drinking water and food on long journeys. If you order more than one bus, we offer special prices.

Meet at railway stations and airports

Meeting in the airport is very useful for those who cannot be personally met by the family, friends or business partners. Our staff will meet your family or a friend, customers or partners in the airport and deliver them in time to the specified address, expertly circling traffic jams. For clients we provide comfortable cars, buses and vans with professional drivers, the ability not to care about the safety of luggage and complete elimination of unpleasant situations in public transport.

You can organize a meeting in the airport by phone. Obtain the necessary information, the driver meets people mentioned by client, helps to put luggage, and quickly delivers them to the destination. Meeting at the airport will save valuable time and effort.

If necessary, we can provide customers railway and airline tickets from our partners in any direction and special prices.

Corporate events service

Almost all companies conduct corporate events. Some companies are practicing tourist trips or sports events every month, some do it just for company`s or director`s birthday.

In any case it is much easier to book a bus or minibus and your employees will be safely transported on our comfortable transport.

Private events service

Among our clients are a lot of people ordering in our company buses for a wedding.

Anyone who has ever organized a wedding, faced the problem of delivering guests to the registrar and more. Of course you can carry your guests by cars and move on urban traffic jams with whole procession. But it is much easier to book a bus and we comfortably take guests to the register office and then drive through the memorable places in the city!

Contact us, and transport problem would be the easiest point in a wedding organizing!

Excursions in Ukraine and abroad

After a short break in the lives of children returning school trips Ukraine.  For comfortable excursions, we offer our services to order the bus transportation. Classes are different in size, and therefore have the opportunity to book a rental bus with all the amenities, or rent a vehicle for a short trip for a little class. Choosing us you can be sure that our bus ride will take place in compliance with all the rules of passenger voyages and our drivers will ensure trouble-free and calm for a school trip.

We do our work, and children have the opportunity to take a tour of all that is possible to drop by expanding their knowledge and world outlook.

Buses for employees

Many large companies, plants are located outside Kiev or have offices and warehouses near the city. It`s a really great problem for the leadership to deliver employees to their work-place.  As a rule, it`s very difficult for companies to contain their own vehicles, serve it, buy fuel, etc.

We can arrange delivery of your professional staff in comfortable, air-conditioned buses in the required time.

This service is very convenient for several reasons: firstly, it is a comfortable transportation of different sized groups of people, and secondly, time and route of transport regulates client, and thirdly, it is a real money-saving client because our company readily makes permanent discounts on passenger transportation. Provide your employees and workers convenient transportation!

Operation mass sports and entertainment events

Rent a bus for competition is a popular service not only for fans, who are ready to go everywhere with their team and keep it in the decisive moments of sporting life, but also for the sportsmen. Well-known teams with long list of sponsors, usually have their own coaches, but sometimes they need to use the bus rental services, for example, if their vehicle broke down. And for the young novice teams, which have not yet reached the heights in sports, provided bus rental services are particularly useful.

In addition, order a bus to sporting events is needed for devoted fans to sporting matches of their favorite club, because broadcasting the match on television cannot compare with the personal presence at a sporting event. Only the stadium fans can truly feel the unity with their team, in its own way to survive all critical moments of the game and experience the unforgettable taste of victory.